Making Amends in History

On Monday, March 7, 2011, the Human Rights Institute and the Masters in Holocaust and Genocide Studies program at Kean University hosted a lecture entitled Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi Criminals and Other Human Rights Violators in the United States. Eli M. Rosenbaum, director of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy for the United States Department of Justice, served as the guest speaker for this event.

Rosenbaum is the longest-serving prosecutor and investigator of Nazi criminals as well as other perpetrators of human rights violations in current world history. He has worked on several cases for the U.S. Department of Justice for almost 25 years. Since 1994, Rosenbaum has served as director for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) for the Department of Justice, which is the criminal division unit that identifies and persecutes those who participated in legal actions of the Nazi command during World War II. Rosenbaum has investigated and prosecuted World War II-era Nazi criminals and worked on criminal and civil cases for the parties involved in crimes of human rights violations including genocide, torture, murders among other misdemeanors.

With his guidance, OSI has been acknowledged with several awards from both Jewish organizations and Holocaust survivor groups and is the best ranked in Nazi probes. ABC declared OSI “the most successful government Nazi-hunting organization on earth.”

Rosebaum put strong emphasis on the Nuremburg trials, which were a series of military cases held by the allied forces of World War II occurred in 1945. Rosenbaum states, “The allied forces wanted to bring human rights violators to justice.”

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