P lab gang’s Nazi code revealed in wire-taps

By Jared Savage
5:30 AM Friday Apr 8, 2011

Nazi catchphrases were among some of the coded conversations that convicted an underworld heavyweight of running a major methamphetamine ring.

Mongrel Mob member Tommy Peters was sentenced to 15 years in prison yesterday on manufacturing, possession and supply charges, covering 100 drug deals. He was also caught with a pistol and ammunition.

Peters was the principal target in Operation Vito, a wire-tapping investigation run by Counties Manukau police between September and December 2008.

The patched gang member sourced the precursor substance pseudoephedrine, then supervised “cooks” at a clandestine P lab in a Manurewa home.

Detectives intercepted numerous text messages and phone calls between Peters and other Mongrel Mob members.

In one conversation he is asked to swap a “set” – street talk for 1000 pseudoephedrine tablets – for a “wheel”, slang for an ounce, or 28g, of methamphetamine. Peters declined: “At da moment I been up all nite doing mahi bro cant see me wantin to part with my krak 2 much work.”

The word mahi, Maori for work, was mentioned in other bugged texts. But in the context of the texts, police believed mahi referred to manufacturing P.

“Doggg its jeep u at hm im keen 2 mahi,” another patched Mob member, Peter Tau, texted to Peters


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